Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Selections: The Toowong Cemetary Collection

Another week gone, another chance to show off a few of my unseen photos as part of Sunday Selections brought to us by Kim at Frog Ponds Rock. 

This week it's my Toowong Cemetary Collection.

These photos were taken on the last day of my QLD Christmas trip 2010.  We'd spent an awesome day with one of my bf's good mates, and had 2 hours left before we flew back. Though time was ticking, I insisted on taking them to the Toowong Cemetary before we left to experience the freaky "roll up-hill while the car is in neutral" thingy that happens on a certain road within the grounds. 

I'd been shown this disconcerting phenomenon by locals when I lived in the great Bris-vegas back in 2000, but both the boys had never heard of it. I'm so suprised not many Brisabanites know of it, because it is truly a cool thing to do. I even took my conservative Christian Grandparents to see it when they visited me in 2001, though my Grandpa shattered my paranormal theory by showing me the science behind why it occurs....

Anyways, when we found the right road after a few circuits of the graveyard, there were a few people walking dogs in that area, and though we were time poor the boys insisted we wait until they were gone in case the dog walkers thought we were "goth-trippers" turning the car off and just sitting and waiting for ghosts to appear.

We went for a walk while we waitied for the path to clear, and these are the best of the photos I took on that walk...

My favourite.

The Fig Tree in the middle of the grounds

This is the bf's favourite because the crosses are set against the horizon and really stand out... (again, love that accidental art!)
 So that's it for today. I'm off to eat the Slow-cooked Beef and Red Wine Stew with Crusty Buttered Bread rolls, all thanks to my wonderful and very sexy bf.

Today's post was joyfully brought to you by....

Yes, you can always trust Shiraz :)


  1. I was ridiculously excited to see the title of your post because I LOVE cemeteries. The older the better....
    ... and THAT one is beautiful... love the fig tree too, we have some on the foreshore in town and it's always 10 degrees cooler under them.

  2. LOL about the Shiraz.

    That is quite a fig tree. I'm very puzzled and curious about that car rolling uphill thing. Shame it's difficult to get photographic evidence of that ;-)

  3. Here in Tassie when you put the car in neutral and just coast it's called "Angel gear" :) I like cemetaries and have been meaning to go and photograph one near me. Thanks for reminding me :)

  4. Cemetaries are amazing places, I love the patina of age you find there, the crumbling decay...never thought to photograph one though...

  5. You can roll uphill in neutral?? Wow ...

    I love fig trees, too!


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