Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Themes: Textures

Isn't it great that wonderful people like come up with great ideas for regular linky-post-thingies for any random blogger to join in on.
(I've seen the word 'meme' thrown around and I think thats what these linky things are called, can someone please educate me?)

Toni has Thursday Themes, and this week her theme is Textures. The button is the very texturific rusty wheel thingy on the right of my page... please go visit, post your own texture pics or just write about the texture of your favourite snuggly blanket from childhood...
(You know, the blanket you always thought you lost, but your mum had it in storage all these years. Then because you didn't ask about it she thought you were over it, so she gave it to the op-shop a few years back. Now you obsess over it every night even though you went 25 years without it...)

Here are my texturific pics.... I had others, but decided to stick to the home-based pics I had lying around... mind you they're no where near as texturific as Toni's or Red Nomad's.

Nothing soothes the wounds like a chilled glass of bubbles....

Although the appearance is Fluffy and Cuddly,
regular guests to my house continue to claim this cat is more associated with a 'Sharp and Scratchy' texture...

Soft Green Grass growing under the shelter of my Trees. Dont you just want to Hug them?
(yes, these are the same trees that make my firewood, but rest assured, we only chop up the fallen ones,,,,

Dewy Webs on a Muddy Dam Bank. You might not see it here, but this photo reminds me of the squishy mud and freezing cold boot water textures I experienced in order to get close enough to get the shot....

My Dog, looking a little muddy (and no doubt stinky) after the long day of crawling in the mud for the best photo angles and rampant exploration of the trees to find the fallen logs for firewood, though I assure you, no matter how muddy her texture is always comforting.  Who needs that blanket when you have a beautiful girl like this....  

So there you have my textures...

I'm starting to feel a little exposed here in my 'anonymous' blog. Thanks to my new found love of photo inclusion, my posts are starting to show more of my life that I ever thought I would... and I gave my Bestest Friend for 23 years the link and now she's a follower.  

My sea of anonymity is becoming less cloudy and with each post more parts of myself are being exposed. 

What do you think, should I take the plunge, come clean with identity and "blog-skinny-dip"?


  1. OOOH gorgeous pics, and thanks for playing along. I REALLY love the cat, I wanted to pat (him? her?) but then I read about Sharp and Scratchy which made me laugh but also put my hands firmly back in my pockets.

    Also -- only reveal your alter ego when you're comfortable with it. Once it's done, you can't go back.

  2. I really love the dew dropped web. Beautiful.

  3. You're too kind ... I actually thought you were going to feature a glass of bubbles in every shot - and that would SO have worked for me!!

    Have a great weekend!!


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