Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Sand-bar and a TV Star

Another busy week at work and as predicted my frequency of blog posts died off...but don't despair faithful reader, I won't desert you again...

Update on the Blog Soapie Star:
Well wouldn't you know it. She got a phone call earlier this week saying one of the girls selected for the TV show had pulled out, and was she still interested in being a part of the show!  She said yes, packed her bags and jumped on the train the next morning for three days shooting at a country retreat. She has a few more trips to the house to film the rest of the show, but of course it won't conflict with the training schedules for her new job.  Oh no, no tough decisions for my nemesis... just smooth sailing.

In the absence of TV cameras and make-up artists in my life, I spent the morning watching David Attenborough docos with my BF.  Then we decided to go down to the sand-bar at the river a few minutes away.

This particular river has had five or six floods come through in the last three months... but we didn't think for a second they would have turned our lovely sand-bar into this!

No more sand, just dead trees on wet, black and very stinky mud :(

On the upside, the surrounding bushland is flourishing.  All the billabongs are full, and the flora and fauna are out in full swing.  Hopefully they will soon eat the plague of giant mosquitoes that have also taken up residence. 

So that's been my day, now we're off to get fish and chips and eat it front of more David Attenborough.
See you tomorrow for Sunday Selections!

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