Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday theme - Art Attack

Another great group post idea, this time from Toni (who, might I say is one of my longest and most loyal followers, who never fails to bring the comment love) on her blog "Chick Chat"

Here's her post, join in and share the fun.

If you're too late for this weeks theme but love the idea, be like me and post any way! As long as you link it to Toni I'm sure she wont mind :) Or if you're a stickler for rules, Toni has already listed next weeks topic so you can get a head start: It will be "Tools of the trade".

But this week it's ART ATTACK! 
Photos of things in my home I consider to be 'Art'.
Awesome. Along with my various fake-tidy techniques, I also have some great Fake-Decorator techniques.  I also love 'stuff' and excuses to show it off.

* Once again, a little inspiration (fodder-theft) from another blogger and you can't shut me up!

So I just finished walking around the house taking photos of everything I love. I'm sure my present company thinks I've gone crazy, how do you explain taking 16 different photos of a pile of books to get the best lighting and angle?

Here are my faves:

1. My crystal collection, in a basket on a second hand (falling apart) table in my kitchen. (the opposite end to the dishes piles, slim chance of mould migration).

Why I love them: Some are rare and took ages to find, some are a dime a dozen, some are very good quality (expensive!), some of them are chipped and have big flaws and inclusions. I've learnt a little on each rocks physical make-up and how they are formed etc. Its interesting stuff, but I really collect them for what the hippy types call 'metaphysical' properties. I love to memorise these properties and most days I will select a rock to carry for the day based on its associated emotions/behaviours.

*** POSSIBLY UNNECESSARY RELIGIOUS DISCLAIMER: I am not a wiccan, pagan or any other label that is normally associated with "metaphysical" crystal use.  I don't think the rocks have magical powers, or personalities, and they certainly can't communicate with me psychicly. Yours might, mine don't. So I stick with what I know. Science and fact.  In case you want an explanation, here it is: 'Metaphysical' refers to an idea, doctrine or posited reality outside of human sense perception. Not magic or make-beleive, just outside of what we are able to perceive. The subconscious mind influences our mood and behavour, and it occurs 'outside of human sense perception'. The colour, shape and texture of anything, including rocks, can effect mood and behaviour. By choosing a rock for its sensory traits, the sensory info on colour shape and texture is sent to my subconscious, which then undertakes secret squirrel type activity I know nothing about. What I do know is that quite often during the day I find myself holding the crystal that was in my pocket, and I have no recollection of taking it out nor any idea how long I've been holding it.. I reckon thats something to do with the secret squirrell. You can also use the rocks as triggers for behaviour changes, which I think works in a similar way to mantras, positive thinking and visualisation techniques. Seeing the rock reminds you of why you chose it, which behavour it promotes that you want more or less of. I then check myself for said behaviours and modify accordingly. No magic, just the incredible power of the mind.

2. My bridles for my horses, hanging on a hook in my sunroom, which is also the main entrance to the house.  

One of these is new, and was bought for me to use in competition last time I was in a serious riding phases. It occured after the impulse purchase of a highly schooled, very good-looking, extremely tall horse by my parents. He was ridiculously cheap at a horse sale, supposedly because of the lack of feed during the drought, but I reckon the lady was terrified of him! As usual, I got too busy to get back into training regularly. The horse in question is now ridden by my mum for trail rides.

The second bridle is actually one of mum and dads better quality bridles, well used and quite likely needed by mum and dad at the moment. I don't think they know I have it, and I can't remember why its here. Maybe I should take it back....
Every now and then they catch my eye and remind me of how much I love riding. I still hang on to the hopes of competing again, but these days even a ten minute visit with my old pony is a savoured experience. I've had him for 25 years....

3. Postcards from Paris, blu-tacked to the spare room wall...

I love Paris and all things French. I always have. I was sure I would move their for a few years in my 20's, but the closest I came was a two day stay 6 years ago. It was everything I imagined it would be, maybe even better. I keep the postcards on the wall to make sure I remember how awesome it was, and keep a distant dream alive that one day I will live there for a year or two....

4. Piles of books and journals....

One of lifes simplest pleaseures is a new journal, especially the ones that can double as art work on display. I have plain note books scattered all through the house for easy reach when I get the writing urge, but I keep my prettiest on display in the lounge room. I get bored watching TV, and always need to be doing something else at the same time. Before I caught the writing bug, I tried knitting, crosswords, sudoku, and even playing Nintendo DS, but all of which get boring very quickly. Writing is without a doubt the best creative outlet and most satisfying way to spend my time. Even if I'm stressed about work, I find the best therapy is to write out procedure manuals or brainstorm new ideas.  But I struggle with fiction.... so my publishing dreams are limited to the overcrowded non-fiction market. Or maybe a talent scout will spot my blog amongst the rubble and I'll get offered some kind of contract where I get paid to plagurise other bloggers ideas and write complimentary posts on how insoiring they are.

Number 1 Favourite Journal : A gift from my mum, hidden under the Dalai Lama in the photo. It has a brown silk cover with sewn on shells in the shape of a flower as the main feature and lacy beadwork and sequins all over. Its a bit intimidating though, like only the best writing will do it justice.  I only write in it with pencil, just in case I ruin it with ink words that can't be taken back.

Number 2: A cheapo from a hippy shop, the one in the photo thats blue and green and has the string tie around it. It's made in nepal from all hand-made and recycled materials and is supposedly 'ethically produced' so no nepalese people are exploited. For $6 retail, I find it hard to beleive the nepalese saw more than 5c of that money, if any at all.

Well, I could go on, but I think thats enough for now.

Thanks Toni :) I had fun.

P. S. Can anyone help with my photo issues?
I upload my photos from my HTC direct to the Blogger ap, and they always appear with the strip of reflection under neath the shot (all except for the book photo that is, even though I did them all the same way.) I don't know why it comes up or how to stop it so any suggestions are welcome.


  1. OOOH eye candy! I'll come back later as well but right now am so happy to see this post. THANK YOU!

  2. I still have my postcards from my trip to Paris on the wall too :)

  3. Can't help with the photo issues sorry. You asked on my blog if you can borrow the theme and here is my reply
    You go right ahead. I will probably do a re-run of this much much later down the track, if the meme takes off, but I don't mind at all if you go with the theme on your own blog.
    I love your treasures! I love how you have things around you that inspire you somehow, or make you feel good when you look at them. Your postcards made me drool.


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