Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keeping up with the Nemesis

Okay that's enough of my long-winded self indulgent posts for a few days... I'll get to the juicy gossip I know you are all dying to hear....

What going on with the Blog-Soapie Star?

Well, she is still overseas, still blogging and still making me jealous...

Her wedding is apparently still a few months away, but she has everything ready except the rings and is not stressed at all. They have spared no expense, and from the sounds of it, the wedding and the plans for the weeks before and after will be even more exotic and romantic than I could ever imagine. 

She has applied for residency in her fiances country of origin, and has been granted permanent residency, including full work rights, access to free study, and financial assistance for the duration of her course. Imagine that! Back to University in your 30's, free of charge, with bonus tax payer dollars to help keep you fed and watered.

Career wise she has taken a few twists and turns. She juggled the 'hostess' role at the very famous rich man's club with nannying for a brat for a few weeks, then decided to find a less bratty charge. She ended up with the most adorable little girl and parents that were filthy rich and extremely easy going. She spent her days taking the girl to cafe's for babycino and cake, lazing in parks and strolling the city streets that the high society types call home. So enjoyable she left the hostessing job, and took up several new hobbies to keep her mind active after playing all day. From memory, it was Belly-dancing, Swedish Language, Burlesque dancing and that yoga you do in a really hot room.

She also landed a directors assistant role in low budget independent film, and when they realised the extent of her talents, was also assigned to set design and given a speaking extra role.

There was one blow to her ego just before Christmas. She applied to a new reality TV show where they take ordinary girls and make-over certain aspects of their lives that need a boost. Career, health, love-life, fashion sense, that sort of thing. She was shortlisted all the way through the interviews and psych tests. She was even taken along to a weekend retreat so they could make the final decisions on who would start shooting. Only two girls missed out after that weekend away, and my nemesis was one of them. Apparently her particular circumstances were too different to the majority of the other girls, so her story would have been out of place in the context of the show.  I must say, as charismatic as she is on TV, if any aspect of her life was considered to be in need of a re-vamp, what hope would there be for rest of us? They made a wise decision, and as a result the mental health of women around the world is spared from the torture of comparison.

But this is the Blog-Soapie Star, remember, she has some kind of power over the world that makes it so every setback is followed quickly by an incredible opportunity. She got a new job, very highly paid, but his time its not my particular cup of tea. I'm more curious than jealous. She now works for a very well known multi-national coproration who are about to open an exclusive high rollers club. This particular corporation has made one very man very rich and lots of men very happy through what some would call 'objectification' of the fairer sex. She will be very scantily dressed, and her main responsibility is to make sure the (all male) guest list are entertained with witty conversation and plenty of eye candy on their big night out. To learn the correct techniques in ego-boosting and eyelash batting, she will be given two months paid training.

And she couldn't be more thrilled.

Maybe if I had her killer body and motivation to tweeze my eyebrows more than twice yearly, that kind of work would appeal to me too, but to be quite honest, who could be bothered! Still, it is an impressive achievement given the scale of her competition, and the very thorough and lengthy selection process, and the tips will apparently be HUGE.

I just wonder what she will tell her Grandma....

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  1. My nephew's like that. Well, a bloke obviously, but everything he does, he lands on his feet. Drives us all mad.


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