Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm grateful for.... today

This post is part of Maxabella's "I'm Grateful for..." linky thing that can be found here:

I'm grateful for...

.... the family owned pizza shop that delivers real Italian style pizzas all the way out to my house 25 minutes after you order without needing a ten minute detailed explanation of how to find us.

.... weekends. In particular this one. I have no plans and no need to leave my living room, let alone my house. I've spent the whole day exploring the blogosphere and I'm finding lots of lovely new blogs to follow, and lots of great linky theme thingies to join.

..... Maxabella's "I'm Grateful For..." button. (Its down a bit on the right.) I love it, so pretty!

..... great blog posts. Earlier today I stumbled across an really old post on Gratitude. Cindy C at Rollercoaster wrote it in July last year. It seems she has stopped blogging since, and I hope everything is fine. Wherever she is, I'm grateful to her for this post. I found it really inspiring and think it deserves some belated PR.

See you all tomorrow for Sunday Selections :)


  1. I love a weekend that has no plans... we are having one too. Today we decided to head to a bay for a picnic and we had such a lovely time. We will go back tomorrow it was so good.

    Thanks for linking up and I'm glad you like my button! x

  2. What a great list.!
    I am now craving pizza.!! :D
    Yummy... *drools*

  3. I dropped by to say howdy but then had a OMG moment when I spotted my button. I'm SO thrilled!

    Back to the grateful -- I hear you on the weekends. This one has been a godsend.

  4. Sounds like you are having a lovely restorative weekend..just hanging out! Have a great week.


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