Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Red Wine Lipstick

I’ve taken to drinking red wine from my Simpson’s glasses. They’re wide enough to let the wine breathe, sturdy enough to withstand any drunken smishes against walls and furniture, but most importantly they make me smile with their cartoon faces so any potential alcohol induced depressions are quickly assuaged with every sip (skull).

The fact that all my wine glasses are dirty and neither party in the house is willing or motivated enough to do the dishes is irrelevant. Simpsons cups are my choice of chalice...

Other fantastic things this week to make my red wine stained lips crack a smile...

Blog followers:
I commented on a worthy post and invited the writer to check out my blog. Three truly wonderous beings have subsequently commented on my blog, two have started to 'follow’ it and I now have a chance to make my mark on the ‘blogosphere’ in the company of talented souls and like minded intellects.

Sneezing Baby Panda:
Best you-tube clip ever. Laughed so much I cried. Showed the boy and we both laughed until we had pains in our tummies. We then watched it again, and again watched it the next day. My new high...
Just watched it again then to get the link... and woke the boyfriend from his snores with my donkey like fits of noise.

Better blogs:
I crush on the term “I crush on”. I discovered this terminology during my six hour long click fest through the sites of my new found cyber friends. I now crush on many bloggers, too many to keep up with on my reading list.... Clearly my dearest nemesis 'blog soapie star' has a lot to learn... alas, she is too busy living her awesome life to learn it. Only a matter of time before I take the title... *insert evil laugh here*

New fish:
The boyfriend and I bought new fish on Sunday, pretty ones that distract me from my writing. lucky I’m ang awesone typidt and can type while lookinf e;sewhere. In fact I 'n tupinf this wholw parafrafh gaxing into my fisj tak insteas of at my finder sor the screen. I love my fisj xp

SPOILER ALERT: Hate to excite you all or spoil a surprise, but the Best Ever Chicken Pie recipe will be posted within next week due to popular demand :)


  1. I found you here from Wanderlusts' blog -- sad to say, I'm not a talented soul or like minded intellect but I do think your blog is one of the funniest I've read in a long while.
    And -- do you know about Blog This?

    And Flog Your Blog Friday

    They'r good ways to get yourself known to other bloggers. (:

  2. Wow, thanks so much for the huge compliment Toni! I checked out your blogs, might I say you have THE best background pics ever...
    Thanks for the links, will check them out :)

  3. thanks (:

    I totally love that background, she's a clever chick.

    And your blog looks great, clean and easy to read, and I LOVE the fishy thing up the top. It's fun to tease them with my cursor.

  4. I'm visiting you via Blog This and I only realised I could play with your fish thanks to Toni. They are very cool!

    I love that you're not precious about your wine glasses and that I'm not the only one who goes on strike when there are dishes that need to be done; I recently bought plastic (recyclable) cups for the kids with the groceries, so they can use as many cups as they like and they're not all piled up in the sink. Pity I still have to pick them up off the floor though... ;)


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