Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm not jealous, what a shock.

My nemesis has moved countries again. She got the first job she applied for, then spent a few days exploring the city with her foreign boyfriend. They ate at fancy restaurants, saw all the main tourist attractions, rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous and had picnics in famous parks. They got to know their new neighbourhood and found a great street stall market right down the road. Apparently they also fell in love all over again.

I'm happy for her. Really, I am. I've put away my green contact lenses, because my last few days have also been fantastic...

I put in a great few days of work and although there is no one to give me any recognition, I left each day feeling quite proud of myself.

I cooked my first ever Chicken Pie, and the boyfriend declared it was the Best Chicken Pie Ever. He even let his mate have a taste as he arrived at the end of the meal, and the vote was unanimous. I must admit, it was a tasty pie.

But my definite highlight was my weekly solitary early morning walk through the paddocks to the creek with my camera. It was the second frost for the year. I didn't put on a coat and was freezing by the time I got to the gate, but the morning air was so clear and crisp and the birds were extra chirpy, so it was worth the icy fingers and nose.

I climbed through the fence with one electric wire and felt a rush of panic when I brushed it with my leg. No shock. It was turned off. What a beautiful morning.

I spent an hour at the creek, wandering up and down the banks, exploring fallen trees and taking the best shots I could to add to my collection of 300+ creek, tree and paddock photos that sit idle on my hard drive. By the time my camera ran out of batteries my pants and socks were covered in bindies and prickles and the my boots were filled with icy water. My footsteps had become audible sloshes. Damp feet, but still no damp spirits. Time to head home...

I felt no fear tackling the fence with the electric wire again. But as I stepped through....
the world shifted on its axis. I heard myself make the most bizarre noise, half way between a cows moo and a cat in a fight. The inside of my left thigh caught on fire. I felt my blood coursing through every individual artery, vein and capillary in my body. None of these things caused me any pain.

I stood still for what seemed like an eternity. My heart was still racing as I comprehended what had just happened. Every sense in my body was on high alert and every movement and thought was brilliantly exaggerated.

The buzz lasted all morning. So far every one I have told has stared at me as if I was in mild psychosis... and maybe I was. Maybe I still am... but what a rush!

I wonder how I'll feel when its time to cross the fence again next week. Or maybe I'll get the motivation to get out of bed at a ridiculous hour during the week, in search of the high again. Better than any other high I reckon... I've never heard of an "Electric Shock-aholic's Anonymous".

FYI... my blog has been read. I got up the courage to show the boyfriend and to my surprise he said it was okay. Best week ever.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! I saw the comment you left for Kristin Brumm's post on Real Bloggers United: The Group Blog and I thought I'd pop on over to see just what you were offering up to us here in the blogosphere.

    And I'm so glad I did, too! I think you've got quite a future ahead of you as a blogger!

    L. Avery Brown
    Founder, Real Bloggers United

    You know if you're going to put out a claim that you've made the best chicken pie really ought to put the recipe up! I'm always looking for new things to whip up!:o)

    I guess this means you've had your first official 'traffic' to your site!

  2. I also saw your comment from Real Bloggers, and I am also looking for the chicken pie recipe!

    Oh - keep at it! Your posts are quite interesting to read.

  3. Another thing, if your serious about wanting to be read, you might want to join Aussie Mummy Bloggers. Started by a couple of friends of mine, wonderful women, Brenda and Veronica. You don't have to be a mum to join (or even Australian, as you'll note when you see I'm a member!). You can start a FB page for your blog, get on Twitter and link those sites there. You'll see when you get on the site. Google their name and you'll find their address or again, the link is on my web site.


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