Monday, June 7, 2010

So this blog thing is harder than I thought...

Okay. I was wondering what would be worse out of 'the embarrassment of people reading my blog' or 'having nothing interesting enough to get readers'. Right now, as far as I know, I have no readers, so its hard to tell....

Spent the last two days browsing other peoples blogs and trying to find out how to make people read mine. Still have no answers, and still have no readers. But I did find out a few things:

If I see one more blog about a baby I will vomit. Not saying those blogs aren't good blogs, if you're a family member or if you're having a baby or if you're just into that kind of voyeurism. But I'm not.
The more of them I saw, the more jealous I got and the more I wanted to have my own babies so I would have something to write about.
I'm fairly sure the family, the boyfriend, the boyfriends family and the potential baby wouldn't appreciate 'blog fodder' as an acceptable reason to deliberately procreate.

You can add things to your blog page to make them more interesting.
I have added a fishy thing to my page, kind of lame, but its fish, and this is the fish cave, so its there. Please tell me if there are better ones to add.

Some people have great blogs, even better than my nemesis the 'blog-soapie-star'. These people have hundreds of followers, and they deserve them. I will list them here, once I find a way to direct traffic to my page by listing them. If you are reading this and you know how, please tell me.

I've also heard of the 'hit counter', though I can't find it to add it. At least if I had a hit counter I could tell if no-one ever came to the site, or even worse, if people were reading and choosing to stay as far away as cyberspacely possible....

In the meantime, could the beings that control Cyberspace please send some readers my way... they don't have to stay, but it would be nice to get a comment, just to know my writing is not lost in the etherworld forever and ever.....

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  1. Thanks for your comment over on RBU. Be careful, blogging is addictive. I started 6 months ago, didn't know what the hell I was doing, but needed and outlet for expression -- just needed to write it out.

    For a hit counter, download Statcounter. It's free. Will give you loads of info on who visits, from where, google search terms, etc.

    And agreed, all the baby blogs make me want to dive head first off a cliff. Having said that, I occasionally write about/post pics of my kids, because I adore them and they are part of my world. But they are certainly not the focus of my blog. I blog to have a life beyond being a mother.

    List your blog on Blogcatalog if you haven't already. Do Mummytime's Friday Follow (Flog Your Blog Friday). You'll get readers with both those. I do Mummytime's FF every week, you can find her link on my site. She is Australian too.

    But stay focused on the writing. A lot of bloggers get caught up in getting followers and doing giveaways and stuff like that. Just remember why you started. If it's to write, then stay close to that.

    Good luck!


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