Thursday, July 1, 2010

Best Ever Chicken Pie

Okay, you asked for it.
I have thought long and hard about this, and a big part of me wants to keep this recipe for myself. In case you haven't already figured, I like to be the best at things. Its an endearing trait, really. Competitive in the nicest possible way.
So here's my recipe, and to allow myself to continue to beleive I cook it the best, I'm deliberately making it a little 'vague'. A good cook will nut the rest out themselves, and do my chicken pie justice :)

In a pan, fry 2 of each of the following: 2 leeks, 2 onions, 2 carrots, 2 celery sticks and 2 chicken breasts. Flavour with herbs of your choice.
Make a roux with about 1tbs each of butter and flour. Add 150 ml each of hot milk and hot chicken stock and thicken. Stir in 150ml of double cream (thats right, double. Yum.)
Add the sauce to the pan and let the entire mix cool. make it into a pie with puff pastry and bake.

There it is. Not hard, not fancy, but sooooo good.

One hint, before serving check for runniness.... I cooked my first one for ages, I worried that it was overcooked but it was perfect. My second one was cooked for what should have been a more appropriate time, but it turned out too sloppy.

NEWSFLASH: My nemesis hasn't posted for 3 weeks.... I reckon she's seen how much better my blog is and stopped writing. What a pussy... she'd rather give up than be beaten. I'm absolutely sure it has nothing to do with her new life in her new country with her new job and new apartment etc

Disclaimer: By reading this you have agreed to follow my blog if you don't already, post comments and tell all your friends how wonderful I am for sharing this recipe...


  1. Your blog has gone so good! Remember I was your first fan, even though I didn't have an account back then :) It's interesting, I cant wait to find out who this nemesis of yours really is. I want to eat your chicken pie, if only i wasnt a vegetarian. btw your mushroom sauce is the bomb. can you make that into a pie for me? Coming over soon, bake me some thing yum like usual you sexy chef you xo

  2. I am also interested in this blog nemesis...and I'm jeolous of this recipe...I love it and I don't even think I have ever posted a recipe..


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