Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Anti-Climax

I’m worried. I think I may have climaxed too soon.

‘Sustainable Sex’ was really quite popular, and combined with my listing on ‘Blog This’ as a recent member, my traffic flow increased dramatically, my followers jumped to 12 and overall I was feeling rather proud of myself. I started using words like intonation, irascible, and affliction in my everyday life. According to the bf I had become noticeably more big-headed than usual. On one particularly gloat-full day I was told to ‘blog off then, you blogging blogger’.

I didn’t care; it just gave me an excuse to turn my head back to the screen. 12 followers… how exciting. Another few days of endless click-fests finding out who they are and who they know.

But the thrill was short-lived. At some stage during the last week it’s all just become a bit too much for me. I started to fret over my next post, and as a result I’ve ended up with bloggers block. Every time I have tried to write I’ve found an excuse not to.

I never set out to be a funny blogger, but now that people have found me humorous I’m feeling the pressure. What if my next post is dull, and I *gulp* lose a follower!
I couldn’t even post the ’50 things’ list for the Blog This comp. It just didn’t feel it was good enough. So now I sit here with 4 unfinished posts… a 50 things list that will never be read, and two dead fish.

Meanwhile the Blog-Soapie-Star has made friends with the daughter of a very rich & famous man’s daughter and has yet another new career opportunity ahead of her… I guess I spoke too soon, she remains high on her pedestal, while I blog about not being able to blog.

And I didn’t win the Wanderlust Competition.

Woe is me.


  1. I didn't win, either, and I SO wanted the kid.

    Don't be discouraged. If you lose a follower -- meh, they weren't the kind of quality reader you were looking for anyway (tell yourself that 50 times then eat chocolate. Or drink tequila.)

    It might help to read this

    and then read through the comments.
    We all go through this.

  2. Aw, Danny will love that he is so wanted (I'll send him a postcard via Tenille)!

    And you can always submit your sustainable sex post to AMB's August blog carnival to get some more mojo out of it.


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